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The Afrikan Student Union (ASU) has a long rich history on the UCLA campus dating back to 1966. Today, the organization continues to promote, protect and serve the broad cultural, educational and professional interests of students of Afrikan descent at UCLA as well as in the greater Afrikan community. As a UCLA student of Afrikan descent, you are part of the Afrikan Student Union! We invite you to take advantage of the various social, cultural, pre-professional and political opportunities that ASU has to offer be getting involved TODAY.Visit our office 322 Kerckhoff Hall. 

Why Black Bruins Matter

Despite working twice as hard for half of what our counterparts have, we continue to thrive and grow. 

Mia Brumfield, UCLA Alum

Black Bruins bring a unique chest of intellectual and cultural treasure. 

Jonathan Kidd , UCLA' 20

Black Bruins initiate conversation from rare perspectives. We are leaders, we focus on leaving an impact on our campus. 

Lelia Kennedy, UCLA' 21