The University of California Afrikan Black Coalition (ABC) is a coalition designed to unify Black students across the UC system in order toThe  discuss and resolve issues concerning academic policy, campus climate, and matriculation from the University. By bringing together Black Student Unions and Afrikan Student Unions within the UC and beyond, ABC presents the opportunity for unity in spite of geographical boundaries.

Upon the formation of the Coalition in 2003, Black students across the UC were facing low admissions and retention numbers as well as acts of ignorance and intolerance. Now, in the face of a 2012 Admissions Policy projected to cut underrepresented student numbers, fee increases, hate crimes, plans to reduce student services and lack of Black tenured faculty, we are still facing many of the same issues. Unifying Black students across campuses is more important than ever.

As one of the only system-wide collectives for Black students, the Afrikan Black Coalition is a vital tool in promoting networking amongst peers, generating positive images of Black students and staff to their campus communities, inspiring innovation in a system that honors hard facts and calculation, and providing an environment where the Black cultural experience is valued.